Pumpkins and Halloween

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Halloween wasn’t my thing. In my family, our Mexican traditions have been very important and Halloween was not part of it. I won’t say it is not celebrated in Mexico, because it is, I was just not really part of it. A lot of people have Halloween costume parties and a few kids go trick or treat. I attended one party and hosted another one in the 26 years I lived there, that’s about it. As for the beautiful Mexican tradition of the Day of the Death, I will talk about it on my next post.

2013-10-19 20.32.54-2When I came to live here, I got to experience the Halloween fever. Everyone decorates their houses and big celebrations are hosted all around town. There is even a big block party in the city of Tempe, which is right next to Phoenix, where the Arizona State University main campus is. Last year, we went to a Halloween party outside of Prescott, AZ and I dressed up as a gorilla. It was the perfect costume weather wise. It was very cold outside and the gorilla suit kept me pretty warm.

617131_3942360726649_1726041804_oAlso, two years ago, Jon surprised me with some pumpkins to carve. We placed them in the patio with candles inside them. That was so much fun! This year, I had in mind to do it again, but I wanted to pick up the pumpkin myself, from a farm, rather than buying it from the store. However, it has been so hard to find. There are a lot of patches going on around town, but the pumpkins are already picked up and they are placed on the ground with crates and hay. People just go to choose and grab one. What I am actually looking for, is a real u-pick pumpkin patch where you can walk around the crops and cut the pumpkins yourself. Unfortunately, that is not very popular anymore, not even in the farms nearby where they grow pumpkins. The closest one I’ve found, at least online, is an hour and forty minutes away from Phoenix, in Chino Valley, near Prescott.

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I still don’t know if we are going to have the time to drive all the way over there to pick up some pumpkins from of the field, but I think more places should do it that way, it seems like a lot of fun! Specially if they are already u-pick farms all year round like Schnepf Farms.

What I do know is that we will carve some pumpkins again this year. We are also going to be at a Phish concert for Halloween and I plan to dress up for the occasion. And of course, I will honor my beautiful Mexican traditions by setting up our Day of the Death altar at home and cooking some Mexican candied pumpkin. I will post some pictures of all these things on my Facebook page. Stay tuned!

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