Breed: Australian cattle dog mix
Age: 8 9 10 years
Favorite food: Peppers and tomatoes
Favorite position: The frog

Reba is Jon’s dog, I met her a couple of years ago. She is a medium size dog, white with brown spots and freckles, named after a song from the band Phish. She is the sweetest dog I know. 

Reba and Sophie are sisters now and they are not thrilled about it, though they tolerate each other. I guess they were both used to being the only dog and they don’t like sharing the space, but at least they don’t fight. 

She is very independent and well behaved. One thing she does that I find very funny is that when she wants to go outside she knocks on the door so we open it for her.


Puppy Reba

Photography by Jon Marino

Photo by Jon Marino

2013-09-16 12.37.22-2


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