A day in L.A.

2013-08-31 22.42.35I’ve never really been a true fan of any group or musician. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy music, songs and bands, I just hadn’t been a devoted fan, until I met Jon. He introduced me to his favorite band, Phish, and I loved them. He’s been a fan for a long time, traveling to different places to see them play and it didn’t take long from when we started going out for me to join him. We’ve been twice to NY, twice to Colorado and we’ll be going to a couple of shows as part of Fall Tour. We also couch tour at home, when we can’t travel, watching the webcasts of the shows.

2014-09-26 21.49.36 - CopySo a couple of weekends ago, the guitarist from Phish, Trey Anastasio, performed together with the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl and I was dying to go. Jon couldn’t go, so I had made up my mind to miss it. Stars aligned and my friend who lives in Santa Maria offered to drive down to LA so we could spend a day together. So I bought a ticket to the show, drove for 6 hours defying rush hour traffic, blowing dust and having just the exact amount of hours to get there and went see this beautiful performance. It was totally worth it. This open venue has an amazing acoustic so if you go to a concert there, anywhere you sit you will be able to hear perfectly. The performance was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking .

2014-09-27 15.24.27Later that night I met with my friend and we stayed in a hotel near Manhattan Beach. The next morning, by recommendation of a dear friend, we went to Le Pain Quotidien and had a delicious breakfast. Afterwards, we wanted to check out some tourist stuff so we drove to Hollywood. We walked down the Walk of Fame and saw some of the stars placed on the sidewalk. We found some cool ones like Slash and the Bee Gees and some funny ones like Kermit the Frog, Mickey Mouse and Big Bird. We went to the bridge of the Dolby Theater, formerly know as the Kodak Theater, to take some pictures of the Hollywood Sign. For parking, I would definitely recommend going 2 or 3 blocks away from the sites as parking tends to get less expensive. The lots in front of the Theater are $20 all day, while if you park farther away it can cost between $6 and $10 and it is just a 5 to 10 minutes walk.

After failing on our mission to find some movie stars, we headed up to Venice Beach. We walked through the canals and admired the beautiful houses with the different architectural styles. Then, we walked by the beach for a while. It gets cool at night and it was windy so we didn’t stay long, but we enjoyed out time there.

2014-09-27 18.24.31

2014-09-27 20.37.40Our last stop was Santa Monica. We visited the amusement park that’s on the pier: The Pacific Park. We played a game where you have to throw rings to a bunch of bottles and if you get one in you win. We totally sucked! Then we rode on the Ferris Wheel and enjoyed a wonderful the view. We walked to a Santa Monica Place, a mall a couple of blocks away from the pier, to grab a bite. We had dinner at a restaurant called La Sandía, another recommendation from my foodie friend. The food was very tasty and the drinks quite original, but not very strong. I had the fish tacos and my friend had the steak ones and we both had the signature Sandía Margarita. It was a good choice to end a touristic day and our time together as well. We left after breakfast the next day.

Overall it was an amazing trip. I always enjoy seeing a good friend and being able to catch up. Being a crazy obsessive planner I have to say that sometimes best plans are last minute ones!

2014-09-27 18.46.26

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    I loved the pictures!

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      Thank you, Roseblood!!

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